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Juzo Soft 2001AD Series Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs

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Juzo Soft 2001AD (Custom Colours) Knee Highs 20-30mmHg

Graduated compression in amazing color!  Juzo Soft is designed for men and women.

The Juzo FiberSoft technology wraps every elastic fiber with soft protective threads which provide greater ease of application, increased durability and the ultimate in softness and wearing comfort. Easy-care, machine wash and dry.

This stocking provides 20-30mmHg of gradient compression, which helps improve blood flow, prevent edema (swelling), and reduce the discomfort caused by moderate to severe varicosities. It helps in recovery from sclerotherapy and other post-surgical procedures. And it helps prevent the recurrence of venous ulcerations.  

Woven from 73% nylon and 27% spandex