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Therafirm Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs Firm

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Therafirm Women's Closed Toe Knee Highs Firm, Sold per pair.

  • Clinically designed to increase blood velocity while reducing edema, these 30-40 mmHg gradient compression closed toe knee high stockings offer firm support used to treat a variety of conditions.
  • Used in cases of severe or chronic venous insufficiency as related to acute leg swelling, varicosities, lymphedema and other conditions. Constructed of opaque two-way stretch nylon and spandex, with non-slip knit-in band and reciprocated (reinforced) comfort heel and toe. 
  • Recommended for severe ankle and leg swelling, severe varicosities, PTS, venous stasis ulcerations, lymphadema, and preventing DVT