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Sigvaris 822N Midtown Microfiber Men's Closed Toe Thigh Highs

140$175CAD pair when you order online from us today! Buy 4, get 1 More for FREE (Buy 6, get 2 more FREE)

SIGVARIS launches its Men's only Medical Series 820 Midtown Microfiber.  The Midtown Microfiber series is knitted so 100% of the soft microfiber is on the inside for comfort and a multifilament yarn is on the outside for durability. Microfiber is an extremely fine synthetic fiber that can be knitted into textiles with the texture and drape of a natural fiber cloth but with enhanced durability & breathability.

Perfect for men to wear everyday!


  • 100% of microfiber lays next to the skin to ensure comfort

  • The ultra soft and comfortable Sensinnov® Grip-Top Band keeps thigh highs in place

  • Soft and durable thigh high sock for everyday wear

  • Excellent breathability and moisture management for added comfort

  • Easy to put on and take off with a non-binding top band

Fiber Content
68% Nylon, 32% Spandex – Latex Free