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CoolOR Kool Max Zipper Front Vest

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The CoolOR® Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest (#PCVZ-KM) effectively cools the torso and body. This self-contained, non-tethered vest system is ideal cooling for operating room staff.

How does it work? 

  • Frozen water-based cooling packs fit into insulated pockets in non-tethered vests and accessories.

  • Non-toxic and chemical-free Kool Max® cooling packs are made of biodegradable materials.

  • Packs are reusable and should last for years with proper care and storage. 

  • To use, place the packs in the freezer until they are frozen solid.

Commonly used for:

  • Staying cool during work in hot conditions

  • Multiple Sclerosis heat sensitivity

  • Intolerance to heat (neurological or physical).

CoolOR® Kool Max® Zipper Front Vest (#PCVZ-KM) features:

  • Four (4) 6" x 14" Kool Max® Packs*

    • Provide constant cooling for up to 3-4 hours. (Please note: cooling times are estimates and will vary depending on climate, body metabolism and activity.)

    • Lightweight vest weighs up to 5.5 lbs. Weight may be adjusted by varying the number of cooling packs used.

* This vest is also compatible with our Cool58® Phase Change Cooling Packs!

  • One (1) 100% cotton cooling vest

    • Simple and unisex design with a zipper-pull front.

    • Size is adjustable with hook and loop closures at the chest, waist, and shoulders for a snug, comfortable and customized fit.

    • Packs fit into insulated pockets inside the vest. The pockets have a comfortable all-cotton fabric to protect the skin and an insulated outer composite fabric to direct the cooling energy toward the body.

    • Discreet: can be worn over or beneath clothing.

    • Colors: Khaki or Blue

    • Sizes: M/L, L/XL, XXL